Szivek Merlot /スィヴェク メルロー2017

Int. Wine&Spirit Comp. England 2018   Gold Outstanding



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スィヴェク メルロー

The beauty of this variety lies in the ease with which it can be identified, making it one of the most lovable types of red wine. Having been aged in oak barrels for over a year , a mature bouquet of dried cherries is paired harmoniously with smooth flavours on the palate. Tasting notes : soft tannins with a beautiful lingering finish. True love..

Alcohol content/ 3% vol

Sugar free extract/ 72,5 g/l

Residual sugar/ 461 g/l

Acidity/ 14,7 g/l

Sulphur content / 295 mg/l

Character: Extremely concentrated acidity gives a backbone to its immense sweetness. Flavors of apricot, dried tropical fruit, honey. One of the greatest vintages of the century. This is the ultimate product man can make from grapes. Traditionally, essencia was reserved exclusively for nobility.

Iifespan: Unlimited

Award: Int. Wine&Spirit Comp. England 2018 Gold Outstanding

Bottle size: 100 ml and 250 ml, Numbered bottles

Contact : FinesseWinepia Papp Hideko (Maekawa Hideko) Japanese Export Agent of Tokaj Classic in Hungary Tel.+36306286223 Email: 1054 Budapest, Honved utca 8., 1/2 Hungary(Head) 1126 Budapest Szendro Koz Hungary





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