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Winery Profile / Figula Winery(フィグラ・ワイナリー)


The Figula Winery has been managing its winery in one of the oldest Hungarian historic wine regions of Balatonfelvidék (the upper regions of Balaton) since 1993. The work of many long years resulted in an enlarged estate and an improved winery that is managed on a territory of 30 hectares in the regions of Balatonfüred, Balatonszőlős and Pécsely.

Mihály Figula† was awarded with the honourable title “Wine Maker of the Year 2000” as acknowledgement of his work.

The wide variety of the plantations makes it possible to introduce both indigenous – i.e. a typical variety representation – and international grape varieties and to create exciting compositions by the brave application of blending and the application of different technologies.

The 40-50 year old plantations are being looked after with utmost care as well as their 7-hectare wonderful newly-planted modern vineyard of one or two years located on the southern or south-eastern slopes overlooking Lake Balaton.

The variety scale is dominated by Olaszrizling, the most widespread type of the region. As a traditional type we can find Pinot Gris and Muscat Lunel, a dry white wine as a unique brand.

From the nowadays trendy types they have on offer Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc each which is produced from grapes grown on perfect soil perfectly positioned.

The winery’ vineyards provide for 200-220 thousand bottles of white wine with a freshness lasting many years. On their best plots of land the fruits of the highest quality are grown therefore in their offer the different kinds of both red and white varieties can be found.

Restaurant / Marga



Owner / ミハーリ・フィグラ氏


“ The Grape is a wonderful plant. It is able to survive hard times, giving relief, faith, joy, comfort, hilarity,  and “Pardon Me  ” –
Nice Bemusement to the ezhausted wine- grower.  However, Besides respecting traditions. New ambitions, better technology and oenophiles –
So-Called “ Wine Lovers ”  are needed to provide some subsistence. Yes, We need friends of wine who feel and understand the work. The compositions,  since  good wines are finely orchestrated work of art. Good wines are silent and sound clear just like a gregorian chant.  fondling the cryptic silence of the cellars ”

Wine Description/ワインの特徴

Ⅰ. 産地/ Csopak (チョパック)

海のないハンガリーで、“ハンガリーの海”と讃えられるBalaton(バラトン)湖一帯は、ハンガリーワインの産地として有名なエリア。そのBalaton湖北岸にある、ハンガリーの海としてハンガリー国民より愛され、世界中からトラベラーが集まる中央ヨーロッパ最大の湖バラトン湖。避暑地、リゾート地としても大人気のバラトン湖は、ハンガリーにおける白ワインの名産地でもあります。バラトン湖の北側にあたるバラトン・フュレドに隣接する村、ワイン名産地“CSOPAK / チョパック”。この地は世界でも有数の大変恵まれたテロワール(ワイン用語/土壌)であることでも知られています。

Ⅱ. 土壌と葡萄品種



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