Bock Villányi Franc Ördögárok Selection 2015 DHC Villány Premium (1c/s @40EUR×6)

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Bock Villányi Franc Ördögárok Selection 2015 DHC

0,75 l (1c/s @40 EUR×6)

商品名 Bock Villányi Franc Ördögárok Selection 2015 DHC
容量 / 荷姿 750ml / 6本入り
価格(c/s) 240 EUR  ⇒ 228 EUR / 1case (@単価40 EUR×1c/s=5%OFF)

新入荷記念~8/15まで @1本単価/40EUR 

Type 赤ワイン Dry Red Wine
Wine Style Full Body
生産者 BOCK
原産地呼称保護産地 ヴィッラーニP.D.O.(O.E.M) DHC ディストリクトゥス・フングリクス・コントロッラートゥス  Villany DHC Villany Premium
品種 カベルネ・フラン 100% 
ブドウ園 Ördögárok 
熟成期間 バリック(樽)24カ月長期熟成


  • Vinagora 2021 – Gold Medal

<Tasting Note>

A limited harvest premium Cabernet Franc from Villány’s Ördögárok vineyard slope. Following fermentation it is matured for 24 months in barrique barrels. After the bottle has been opened It demonstrates its character almost immediately after decantation. In its slightly sweet and spicy bouquet can be discovered dead leaves, straw, dried apricots, together with traces of flowers; alongside these appear cappuccino and liquorice. In flavour equal proportions of minerality and creaminess ring out.

Degree of dryness Dry  Sugar content 1,2 g/l  Alcohol content 13.78 %  Titratable acidity 5.1 g/l  Sugar-free extract content 28.8 g/l


Wine Discription Type: Villány premium red wine with protected designation of origin (Full­bodied wine)  Vineyards: Ördögárok  Bottle sizes: 0.75 l  Product line: vineyard selection Selection: Great Cannon


Vinagora 2021 金賞受賞 入手困難 銘醸赤ワイン!!

Bock Villányi Franc Ördögárok Selection

(1c/s  240 EUR ⇒  228 EUR @40 EUR×6) New Arrival Sale Price

Bock Villányi Franc Ördögárok Selection
Bock Villányi Franc Ördögárok Selection

ボック メルロ スペシャル リゼルヴ 2015 ディストリクトゥス・フングリクス・コントロッラートゥス ヴィッラーニ・プレミアム


  • Vinagora 2021 – Gold Medal


Type: Villány premium red wine with protected designation of origin (Full­bodied wine)
Vineyards: Fekete-mountain, Jammertal, Ördögárok
Bottle sizes: 0.75 l
Product line: vineyard selected premium cuvée
Selection: Gold medal pack

<Tasting Note>

This wine is made from selected Merlot grapes from limited yield vines in our Villány Ördögárok vineyard. After fermentation the wine is matured for 12 months in barrique barrels and then transferred to large casks for a further 12 months. The wine shows its gratitude to good weather and close care with a full body, taut tannins and a great potential.Blackcurrant and plum can be observed in its fresh yet mature aroma, while one can discover berries and chocolate in its flavour.

<About Vintage>

A mild winter was followed by an early spring with average precipitation and the odd hailstorm, mostly affecting the area around Siklós. This was followed by a dry, warm period which was especially kind to the blossom and resulting fruit. Summer was long and dry with a high aggregate of heat freshened by much midseason precipitation (100-150 mm). This resulted in some harvests being delayed, but even so the area yielded a generous harvest of grapes of extremely good quality. This year’s main challenges for wine-growers was scorching from the sun and the quick change in acid content. All in all we can speak of an excellent year.

<Wine Characteristic>

Degree of dryness Dry

Sugar content 1,6 g/l

Alcohol content 14.08 %

Titratable acidity 5.2 g/l

Sugar-free extract content 31 . 1 g/l

<Viticultural data>

Cultivation area Villány Wine Region

Vineyards Ördögárok

Characteristic soil limestone, loess

Grape types and percentage  cabernet franc 100%

Age of vines12 years

Burden of production 0.8-1 kg/vine

Vintage time october 2015

<Winemaking data>

Fermentation vat

Method of fermentation controlled

Maturation barrique barrels

Maturation period 24 months

Bottling time 03.01.2018.


重さ 7 kg
サイズ 23 × 33 × 37 cm

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